Meno: Rotačný LED displej
Značka: SBC
Pôvod: Shenzhen
Doba odozvy: 25 dní
Záruka: 2-5 rokov
Certifikáty: CE, RoHS, FCC
Sériové číslo: 1019

Kingkong(simple)10 LED display is special made for application of giant outdoor advertising screen. Use synchronous system which can accept signals DVI, VGA,HDMI,S-VIDEO,Complex, YUV etc. It can display programs of video, image, text. Displaying every information by real time, synchronous,clear message and can show two or three dimension animation, video, TV, VCD program and live broadcast.
    As a new advertising screen, the screen will be designed stably, sturdy, durable, easy for outdoor big size advertising usage.


Features of Kingkong(easy cabinet)10:
1.Use DIP technology to make the LED display have good waterproof and anti-humidity when used.
2.Stable cabinet, stronger without distortion, anti-rust.
3.Synchronously adjust the brightness and color to make the true and exquisite image.
4.High contrast, high refresh rate make the image without any delay, trailing smear.
5.Compatible to many signal sources such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, HDMI,SDI,DP etc.
6.Special wooden box package production protect the whole screen system.
7.Make you feel great contrast and wonderful details with thick pure black.

Pixel pitch                                            10mm 

Size of module                                     160mm x 160mm

Pixel density                                        10000 dot / m²

Brightness                                            7200 CD / m²

LED Encapsulation                                DIP

Horizontal view angle                           > 140°

Vertical view angle                               > 120°

Life                                                        100000 hours

Average power                                     600 W / m²

Weight / Module                                    55 kg

Display colors                                       4.4 trillion colors

Refresh rate                                          3000Hz / S

Driving mode                                        static 

Working temperature                          -20°----  +45°C

Size of cabinets                                    1280mm x 960mm

Input signal                                          Data DVI up to UXGA, SDI, HD-SDI, S-video, composite, YUV

Failed LED rate                                     <0.0001

Quality certification                             ETL, CE, TUV, FCC class A 

Revolving led displayRevolving led displayRevolving led display

Product Specifications:  P10
Project Dimensions:Length 9.6m * Height 2.56m =24.57 sqm
Screen Quantity: 1pc

Revolving led display

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