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Rental LED Display in European Helsinki Finland

Project Name:Rental LED Display in European Helsinki Finland

Project Location:Finnland Helsinki

Specifications:King Kong 16

Cabinet area:60sq.m

Sector:rental led display conference activity led display

Time for Completion:2010.03

Project Description:
Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is close to Baltic Sea. It is a city showing classical beauty and modern civilization. Not only does it embody romantic emotion tone of European ancient cities, but also filled with internationally metropolitan aroma. Furthermore Helsinki is a combination of metropolitan buildings and natural scenery. Outlined against sea, this harbor city is always clean and beautiful despite of blue sky and sea at summers and floating ice at winters. It is publicly taken as ¡°daughter of Baltic Sea¡±. As metropolis of Northern Europe, Helsinki is covered with ice and snow during winter. In other word, SBC LED display has always been working below -50℃ environment. We SBC focus on producing LED screens of stability.